Issue 26, April 5th, 2004
A young boy looks over a memorial of flowers, candles, toys, and other gifts left in the parking lot near the ravine where Cecilia Zhang's body was found recently. Read the full story.
O’Connell elected to ECSU presidency
The results are in! The Erindale College Student Union (ECSU) held its annual election last week for next year's council. The battle for ECSU president was won by Sean O'Connell, whose 488 majority votes beat out opponent Jason Borchenko's 278.

Student leaders create conspiracy theories
Last week, one or more groups of UTM students took offence to the March 29, 2004 (Vol. 30, Issue 25) issue of the Medium. This issue was our annual April Fools issue, and the first and last two pages of the paper were purely fictional.

Health tips for a better lifestyle
If you are like most people, you might find yourself making poor food choices and slipping out of your exercise routine as exams approach. As the pressure increases, procrastination, eating, sleeping, and studying start to take up all of your time.
Campus paper stolen from stands
It seems some students at UTM can't take a joke. Last week, several thousand copies of the Medium's annual April Fools issue were stolen and discarded from stands at both the UTM and St. George campuses.

Rez council elections
The voting booth has closed on the second annual spring Residence Council elections. A total of 194 residence voters, approximately 25 per cent of all eligible voters, turned out between noon and 8 p.m. on March 25, to cast their vote.

Architects display designs for library
Finding a place to study in the library is a common complaint, especially around exam time. Tables in the library are usually occupied and the computer labs are often packed, leaving students competing to get to a keyboard. Copyright ©2004 Medium II Publications Inc. University of Toronto @ Mississauga. Printed copy available on campus. Updated every Monday during term. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Site design by Zarar Siddiqi.