Issue 25, March 29th, 2004
Three dancers in last week’s ‘His and Hers’ fashion show strut their stuff for the show’s Saturday night finale. Full Story.
A week of awareness
Although the current political situation in some Islamic countries is unstable, UTM's Muslim Student Association (MSA) is working towards motivating the student body to learn more about the Islam world.

Students question ECSU at Annual General Meeting
Although it was meant to review the past, much discussion was focused on the future of the Erindale College Student Union (ECSU) when it hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Wednesday. With ECSU elections looming on the horizon, statements made by both ECSU directors and audience members reflected the upcoming election and the candidates running in it.

Rant: Is money a dirty word?
Money and the handling of it has become one of society’s most tabooed subjects, even more than sex or drugs. It is acceptable for friends to dish about relationships, yet it is considered bad manners to ask how much a person makes or how much they have spent on purchasing something.
ECSU election committee grilled
ECSU election committee criticized
With campaigning for the upcoming Erindale Council Student Union (ECSU) election in full swing, criticisms have surfaced about how the student government runs the election. At the heart of the criticism is the ECSU elections committee, which some say is a source of bias and conflicts of interest.

‘Duck man’ drowns?
A few weeks back, I was scolded for making brash comments about political antics during election time. I loosely accused politicians of ‘lying’ or making promises that are not executed during their tenure. Copyright ©2004 Medium II Publications Inc. University of Toronto @ Mississauga. Printed copy available on campus. Updated every Monday during term. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Site design by Zarar Siddiqi.