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Volume 28 — Issue 2— September 11, 2001
ECSU welcomes Frosh  
2001 Toronto Film Festival a top draw
For the next 2 weeks, Arts & Entertainment Editor Jennifer Matotek braves marauding fans, opinionated critics and nightmarish traffic to bring you a feedbag full of information on Toronto's premier film extravaganza.
This year’s Orientation Week – an event held to welcome new students to university life – has come and gone with success. Organized by the Erindale College Student Union (ECSU), and the UTM Athletic Council (UTMAC), the 3 day event saw Frosh parade with pride through the streets of downtown Toronto.
Smoking banned in the Blind Duck Pub
Order of Canada honours those who make a difference
Genetically engineered tomato plant grows in salty water
U of T first in Canada to guarantee grad student funding
A keen Frosh leads the way for UTM
Students wishing to smoke will not be allowed to do so, as the pub becomes entirely smoke free in accordance with a new Mississauga city by law.
Academic Offences plague UTM

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UTM continues to battle the frequent occurrence of student academic offences. Administration and faculty want to understand why incidences of cheating, specifically plagiarism, continue to persist at Erindale.
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