Issue 6, October 18th, 2004
UTMAC President Daniel Raza takes the first swing at the ceremonial foam wall to mark the beginning of construction on the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre last Thursday. Full Story.
Wall breaking ceremony officially brings the RAWC to UTM campus
Last Thursday marked the commencement of construction for the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre (RAWC) at UTM. During a wall breaking ceremony held in the gym, those present heard speeches from distinguished members of the community reflecting the importance of the centre at UTM.

Politicizing SAC
The pot of controversy that is SAC politics has been stirred once again. This time, some folks are upset about photographs that appear in the agenda SAC handed out to UTM students.

Local artist makes a charitable donation
“My paintings are emotional pieces, they have stories behind them,” said Anna Silgardo describing her work which was showcased this weekend.

A student mourns Sabra and Shatilla
Another September 18th passes without registering even a blip on media radars; not unlike every year.

UTM campus becomes Evergreened
This fall, the UTM campus is getting a green boost from Mississauga environmental partner Evergreen. Efforts have been made to naturalize the campus through tree plantings and to spread awareness about environmental concerns through education.

New pass to alleviate parking problems. Full Story.

Enviro conference connects U of T
The University of Toronto Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) held an open forum in Sidney Smith on the afternoon of Friday, October 15. Students and staff were welcome to attend and the number of participants varied from session to session. Copyright ©2004 Medium II Publications Inc. University of Toronto @ Mississauga. Printed copy available on campus. Updated every Monday during term. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Site design by Zarar Siddiqi.