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Volume 29— Issue 5— September 30, 2002
Sex expert speaks to pub
Amy Redford in The Shape of Things
Amy Redford is impressive in this week's Theatre Review.

Sue Johannson proved again last Tuesday that she needs no introduction. Once on stage, she made a clear statement that we were going to talk about her favorite subject, and started rocking her hips back and forth. Seeing this older lady on stage performing a perfect imitation of copulation cracked the audience up.

People pay good money to see an old lady licking on a dildo these days.
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accused of being “anti-semitic”
Students disappointed in CCIT program
Controversy erupts in the Students's Administrative Council (SAC) meeting over Israeli-Palestine conflict. Money was not the only issue at hand.

Although the Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (CCIT) program is a fairly new curriculum addition implemented last year, students have expressed mixed reviews toward its success and level of practicality. The program was designed in an attempt to involve U of T students with innovative programs in conjunction with Sheridan College.

UTM’s Men’s Soccer survives scare from UTS

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