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Volume 28 — Issue 22— March 11, 2002
SAC elections approach  
Monsoon Wedding is joyful cinema
This new film by director by Mira Nair is beautifully filmed, well acted and teaches lessons about love with being didactic.

The time has come to elect next year’s Students Administrative Council (SAC).

Eight candidates will fight for seven SAC UTM seats in an election and two tickets are lobbying for the president and vice-presidents positions.

SAC represents 33,000 full-time students of U of T.

Last year’s SAC presidential elections were quite messy. Let’s hope that this year things will clean up a bit.
Excitement builds around humanities congress
Scientists look to Europe as evolutionary seat
U of T alumnae lead Canada to Olympic gold medal
Athletics levy approved at QSS

Student leaders return to UTM


Students will have to dip further into their wallets and cough up money for UTM’s new Athletics, Recreation and Wellness Centre.

Last Friday at Quality Service to Students (QSS), student leaders decided that the campus needed the Centre and voted in favour of the proposed levy.

If you ever worked as a UTM student leader, you could wind up working for the U of T administration. Ted Salgado
explains how his experience
Ball Hockey 2002 Week 8

"The Commish" brings you a review of the Division I finals and a preview of the great matchup in the Divison II finals.

as former SAC president helps him every day in his present job at UTM.
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