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Volume 27 — Issue 25 — April 2, 2001 – [ ONE ISSUE LEFT ]
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McKinlay wins presidency

You can't keep the
Honky Tonk Man
In one of the most spirited events at
Erindale this year, Twin Towers
entertained students at
the Student Centre last Thursday.
Erick McKinlay defeated Neeraj Mago
236-125 to capture the ECSU presidency.
“I am humbled by the support of the UTM
students who voted for me. This has been
a good night,” said McKinlay. “I’m very
ecstatic. I am so happy with the way
things turned out."
ECSU vs. administration
for SC programming
Once again, concerns about Student
Center Programming were expressed
at last Tuesday’s Student Centre
Management Board Meeting
. The issue
was raised as Registrar and Acting Dean
of Student Affairs Mark Overton presented
a draft proposal for next year’s Student
Centre Program Coordinator position.
U of T salary info released: Principal McNutt makes $133,425.96
Private health care legal but unprofitable in Canada
SAC election results delayed– Campaigning complaints to be investigated by CRO Kutasi
St. George
to scrap
subsidy of
UTM shuttle
The University of
Toronto St. George
campus plans to
stop subsidizing
the shuttle bus that
runs between UTM
and the downtown
. Downtown
students will pay
more to ride.
The Medium poll
Who was your favourite classic WWF wrestler?
Hulk Hogan
Macho Man Randy Savage
George 'The Animal' Steel
Andre The Giant
Honky Tonk Man

Current Results
UTM recognizes its
UTM held a ceremony in the Student
Centre to reward its students for their
in one or more of 24 on- and
off-campus organizations.
One student has a different perspective on
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