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Volume 27 — Issue 23 — March 19, 2001
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SAC Presidential tickets
argue platforms at UTM

Time for a celebration: Norooz
The Iranian New Year begins early
Tuesday morning. Read about the
celebration and Erindale students'
memories of this special time.
Nap’ came back thanks to Scarborough programmers
Reaume sues university But investigation into law prof continues
Still no word on part-time GC reps; Nominees say admin is delaying election unnecessarily
Election hopefuls wait to speak at the Student Centre.

Last Wednesday, four SAC presidential tickets – twice as
many as last year – squared off in the Student Centre.
Presidential candidates Paul Graham, Nielank Jha, Ericka
Duffy, and Tony Margani debated their qualifications and the
issues that they think SAC needs to focus on. Each ticket made
opening and closing speeches and responded to questions from
the audience and opposing tickets.

The Medium poll
In the story about excessive use
on Erinconnect, what do you think
users are downloading?

mp3 song files
homework assignments
illegal movies
pirated software

Current Results
Erinconnect users
hogging system
Part-timers to
vote on Medium
Part-time students are
being asked in an
upcoming referendum to
pay for The Medium.
A number of residence computer
network users have been warned
against downloading gigabytes of
, which slows down the
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