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Volume 27 — Issue 21 — March 5, 2001
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Athletics Dept. proposes
another fee increase

The Poor Li’l Rockstar looks for fame
Despite boasts about his twelve-
inch cock, Canadian muscician j.
englishman has opted to find
fame as a rock star, instead of
fame as a porn star.

Another year, another proposed athletics fee increase. The
Centre for Physical Education presented its budget to the
Quality Service to Students committee last week and it
proposed that full-time students pay $12 more for athletics out
of their incidental fees.

Blind Duck making a comeback?
HIV/AIDS research boosted by CANFAR gift
Where are the documents? Dr. Nancy Olivieri’s legal battle for Sick Kid’s records rages in Simcoe Hall
U of T launches nanoengineering
The Medium poll
What do you think of the
proposed Athletic fee

Worth it.
Too much.
Erindale has athletic facilities?

Current Results
ECSU and pub management have collaborated in coming up
with other innovative ideas designed to encourage a greater
turnout on pub night.
Student Centre
exposer a repeat
Law controversy
U of T is investigating 30
law students who have
been accused of
misrepresenting their fall
term results
to Law firms.
The indecent incident that occured
recently may not have been the
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