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Volume 27 — Issue 19 — February 12, 2001
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Students' petition ousts
SAC Erindale Chair Dhun

En Pieces Detachees
portrays Montreal
The latest Theatre Erindale
production follows the life of a
dysfunctional Montreal family. This
gritty and quirky drama marks the
directorial debut of Duncan
McIntosh of the Theatre and Drama
Studies programme.
For the first time ever,
U of T's Student
Administrative Council
has impeached one of
its members. Last
Wednesday, more than
two-thirds of the SAC
board voted ‘yay’ to a
motion requesting SAC
Erindale Chair
Sommer-Anne Dhun
to step down
CIUT license renewed
GC student rep put on hold
Campus mourns loss of Letheren Olympic chief mentored countless young athletes
New year's resolution not enough help for smokers
Sommer-Anne Dhun. Last
week, the SAC board voted in
favour of her removal.

What a

Man reveals

McCormick expected back
from leave in spring
Dean of Student
Affairs Les
McCormick, who has
been on long-term
disability since the
fall, hopes to return
by April
. “I have
arthritis in both knees
and a badly arthritic
hip,” he said.
The Medium poll
Were students right to oust
Sommer-Anne Dhun from the
SAC Erindale Chair position?


Current Results
One man has found a
new use for the
underused Student
Centre: exposing
himself. The incident
occurred last week in
the Student Centre
Fireplace Lounge
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